Вокал - Андерс Зарикссон

Гитары - Фредерик Маннберг и Нильс Норберг

Бас - Нильс Эрикссон

Барабаны - Ов Лингвалл

Жанр - metal


  1. Destiny Calls

    Who holds the secret?
    Who sets my destiny?
    When will I find out?
    What lies in the path for me?
    Who bears this knowledge?
    The secrets of all to be
    Foretell my future
    Is the answer inside to see?

    So I stand up and shout at the world
    For my questions to be
    But the powers are out of my reach
    So here I am, still right back from the start

    Destiny's calling leaving my future to be
    Destiny's calling, screaming in anger,
    my thoughts are out of reach
    I hold my soul inside of my hands
    The future is my past

    Who'll light my way now?
    Now that I stand alone
    My past still haunts me
    My friend is my enemy

    2. The Iron Force

    Strike the anvil and forge the steel
    See the iron glow like fire
    Create our armor, provide us all
    Give us the power to foresee our fate

    Oh the journey might long and hard
    Magical wonders will lead us there
    And by the powers that we hold in hand
    Forged steel in a time of war,
    feel the rage and the strike of the Iron Force

    Lay down your magic, lay down your arms
    Bring us message of the fight we won
    See us coming, through the fire
    Stand united for the ones we lost

    Brothers unite and fight for the justice
    Honor for all and never give in
    Fight till the end, protecting the crown
    Honor for all, till we fall will fall
    And feel the rage and the strike of the iron sword

    3. Ride On

    Thundering down over valleys and hills
    Onward they ride, always side by side
    The legend tells about the templars,
    The mighty men, who walk in the shadows
    There's blood on their blades, swords made of steel
    Guardians of man, always fight for the right
    The legend speaks about their coming,
    The mighty men, they live on forevermore

    See them ride, emerge out of the sun
    They will vanish in haze
    Hear them come, emerge out of dark
    They will never give in

    Ride on, through the winds of time
    Ride on, through the night

    Leaving their preys with a mark of the good
    They hunt down in rage, veil them in death
    In the name of the righteous, in justice
    They will serve the gods

    Call for the force, and shout out through the night
    Seek and do what is right
    See them come, emerge out of the dark
    They will never give in

    4. Free At Last

    Hear the voices inside of our minds now
    Their message is leading the way
    Into the abyss we fall, we're standing at the edge
    We're the prisoners inside of our own dreams
    Where the masters are holding the keys
    Battling to save our souls, will we ever be set free?

    We'll be free at last, if we stand till the end
    We'll be free at last, if we stand as one
    While all we knew has come to end, we'll be free at last

    They're holding our souls in control now
    We're lost in this maze of our minds
    Fighting for our survival, striking back with force
    We're trapped inside of this nightmare
    We sense the light up ahead
    Out from the abyss we go, rise up from beyond

    5. Hold On To The Flame

    It's been told about the mighty land,
    The sun is never setting from the sky
    Gold is washed up on the shore, to a shifting sand
    The dream about the day when I'll never die
    Charging through the open sea, no signs to lead the way
    Wind will shift and carry us at hand

    We feel the walls are closing in
    The tide will take a turn, will make us drift ashore

    Keep on holding on, Keep on holding to the flame
    And life will go on
    Keep on holding on, Keep holding
    Life will still go on

    Holding on to promises and what the legends say
    We will see the shore of our land
    Skyline meets an open bay, Illusions might betray
    Onward to the land of mystery

    6. Eternity Holds

    Long ago in an ancient time
    Might men would gather
    To witness what the prophet would proclaim
    He spoke of powers and endless might
    The gift of a second sight
    See all the secrets in the unknown

    Ride the storm, ride to be
    Infinity lies open to read

    Eternity Holds

    It would blacken the sun forever
    Magic will prevail
    It makes the sky burst into flames
    Speak the words of the mystery
    And the world will come to fall
    It's their will, their time has come to stay

    7. Fire Comes To Ice

    Long before time when darkness
    was ruling the world
    And in the shelter of night when the wicked
    would gather again so see through the eyes of
    the future they put on the spell In turn to gain
    in the powers they wait for the sign
    It's a wicked game that the bravest
    would dread to fight
    Only for one man that's sent to end raging madness

    Oh... When fire comes to ice
    Oh... When fire comes to ice, then you will burn

    Chained by the powers of magic,
    they're loosing control
    Stare through the eyes of the
    death and speak the words

    8. The Legend Lives On

    "Look at me, I am a dying man.
    My son, I can no longer watch over you.
    All I know, I have passed onto you,
    as you will for others.
    It is my gift to you. Leave on your own,
    leave this all behind.
    You bear the powers of a second sight,
    you hold the courage to believe.
    No swords, no magic, no spell can touch what you own."

    Now you stand alone, I leave my throne for you
    Seek and find the truth, my mission here is done
    Set your aims up high, you bear the second sight
    I now pass onto you the knowledge of the wise

    You were the firstborn and chosen to be king
    Lead your troops, and I'll be there

    Your legend lives on
    Your name is carved in stone
    The story of the chosen one, one couraged to believe
    It's the destiny of bringing it all home
    Holds the sense of time to come
    In my name, the legend lives on

    My names says victory, so I ride ahead of all
    My mission will not fail, for vengence is my thirst
    Return with and filled with calm and glorois to be
    Now we stand as one and the legend will live on

    On the winds rides the memory
    Of your time long gone

    9. The King's Command

    A knight is sworn to valour
    And his heart knows only only virtue
    His blade defends the helpless
    And his might upholds the weak
    Loyal to his kingdom
    When the word of war goes out
    Born to serve the nobel
    When Kings and Queens request

    Mount horse and head away
    Sharpened steel, crossing blades,
    Before fear, do your work

    The King's command
    His word will be the law that we command
    The King's command

    Out into the battlefield
    Whose blood will stain the ground?
    Courage and our bravery
    Protects the borderlines
    Plunging our steel into the hearts of enemy May our troops be many,
    for the fight has just begun

    Heed the command
    Never surrender
    Fight till the death
    Never break the oath.

    10. Unholy Powers

    Long before the number is at hand
    The conjuring will take it all again
    The prophecy is telling us of wisadry and fear
    It's time to seek and haunt the land

    In darkness they will gather once again
    The wisdom might conceal or gain

    Unholy powers are taking control
    When the spell of the night's setting in
    Unholy powers, we're all cast aside
    Cause the night of the witch never ends

    In the time when darkness now ruled the world again
    After all was done, and laid to waste
    The conjuring will take its toll and start it all
    Death will be the outcome in this spell

    Stand tall fight the force, the night will come to fall
    Stand tall fight them all, unholy powers are taking control

    11. Glorius

    My hands are tied here, in the darkness
    I'll never find out what went wrong
    I'm being punished, and sent to die
    These cold and icy walls will end my life

    In the dungeon where the holy rule
    Can someone ever ease the cross I bear

    And my death will be Glorius
    When my mission is done
    And my death will be glorious
    My task is complete, my journey will come to end

    Their fate control them, I'll never loose
    Te chains will hold me, hold me to the ground
    I hold the answer, inside my mind
    But in this prison I'll see the end







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