Вокал - Джонни Линдквист

Гитары - Фредерик Маннберг и Нильс Норберг

Бас - Нильс Эрикссон

Барабаны - Ов Лингвалл

Жанр - heavy/trash metal


  1. Eyes Of The Dead

    A mind of its own, spawn out of fire
    The demon becomes a God
    A child, two-faced and innocent
    Control, fragments of nothing
    Enslaving, reversed humane
    Empires made out of nothing but air
    Creation fails

    Hungry he laughs at us all
    Sacred is noyhing no more

    In the eyes of the dead, at the edge of the night
    In an oath of blood we are sacred
    In the eyes of the dead, still nothing revealed
    The wounds they still bleed, and won't heal

    Blood in the sands, slaves to the hunger
    Heaven denies them all
    A god, a dome for its pleasures and lust
    The falls prophets of nothing
    Promise but take it back
    The one, the futile and venomous son
    Will torture

    2. Shadowland

    What was the light that I saw before me
    As I opened my eyes
    Behold, the dream opens up
    What's the thing that I feel inside me
    I can tell what will come
    What has becomes of us all

    Rise, Shadowland
    A world of ice
    A destiny, the final key
    The dream has come alive
    Rise up again
    Open, Shadowland
    A dream to be, eternally

    Open, Shadowland

    What's the thing that has come to haunt me
    The dream comes alive
    Inside the gateway of time
    At the dead lake of bitter waters
    The future reveals
    I see the end of the world

    3. Invincible

    Across the desert plains
    They come as though invincible
    Out of a fallen land they walk away
    Over the shallow seas
    With bleeding hands they carry on
    Towards the distance in the open sea

    New dawn raging
    The whips and chains are one
    Out of a land without a reign

    They come as one, as one they go
    Out of the wasteland
    No one to fall, Invincible
    They will return

    Proclaim awakening
    To hail a god perpetual
    A war in heaven knows no victory

    4. Revelation

    Now the sky opens up before my eyes
    The vision blinds me
    On the bolts of fire cast upon the earth
    Out, out of the void the riders come
    Through hail and flashes
    In the distance hear the seventh horn still sound

    No one is innocent
    No, I will return again

    The sky divides in two
    The final revelation
    Out of the void, see the riders emerge
    The prophec is true
    The final revelation
    Feel the fire, as it's cast upon the world

    No ripples upon the sea of glass
    The shrine is open
    As I wait the final sacring of my soul
    I, I open the scroll and know my fate
    The peals of thunder
    When I know the secret of the seven seals

    5. Never Die

    Hear the calling
    From the shadows in the deep
    Won't surrender
    We are standing at the edge
    They call for arms and we'll stand our ground
    It's neverending
    When the power comes alive
    Never falling
    The truth is in our hearts
    Rise up and stare the beast in the eyes

    Wandering souls, never betray
    The last of our kind, our eyes are ablaze

    We'll never die
    We're masters of the earth, coming alive
    We'll never die
    We're masters of eternity, fighting a world to be

    Another aeon
    And the endless sands of time
    We rise above them all
    Witch how the world turns into our throne

    6. Underworld

    An entity, living inside me
    Scraped away, the flesh from my bones
    Come on in and feel on my hunger
    Welcome to my underworld
    Come on in and lust in the darkness
    Grasp away the skin from my face
    Be the mask, defer to the master
    I feel the lesion tainting me

    Will the faces reader
    Will the mask reveal
    Will I bleed in splendour
    How this silence is killing me
    (In this silent underworld)

    Don't defy, the mind is the altar
    Raped away, in pretends to be me
    Hollow soul, the beacon is fading
    Welcome to the sin divide
    Desecrate, the memories will haunt me
    I am God, the festering wound
    Empty eyes, a stare that still beckons
    I feel its will, it's tempting me

    Save my soul, give me peace
    Let me through this hole, I'm dying
    My soul is gone, you're killing me

    7. Vengeance

    Into the void, an image of nothing is fading
    The venomous grey, dissolves into pieces of me
    The carrion calls, entices the pest, they're falling
    The Charon he waits
    But no one can see the flames at sea

    I'll have my vengeance
    My kingdom come
    I speak in silence
    Last mind astray, lead me the way

    Flames over ice, the visions are false
    Wiat for my vengeance
    See how it dies, outside the walls
    The memory purged from my eyes
    My vengeance calls

    Aeons ignite, inflicting the visions forsaken
    Begotten in sin
    The womb holds the souls that will be
    The ravenous hole, swallows the dirt it has taken
    Even in death, a dead man is never free

    8. Faceless God

    A darkened room, a blackened hole
    A septic grain turns the flesh into sand
    The night is slain, the light is gone
    I feel, how the vision fails me
    Let them bleed, then suck them dry
    A severed dream turns will to submission
    This dying world, will bring rebirth
    They kill, they kill for pleasure

    The pathway is open
    A choice must be made
    I'm not afraid
    Call out my name

    Faceless god
    A soul for a crown
    His eyes are the color of blood
    A life for a throne
    Faceless God

    Rejoice in sin, come on in
    Repent no more but the scarring remains
    Poisoned sheep, the flock has died
    I know, how their blood still stains me
    A prophecy, it comes to life
    The curtain falls and out comes the truth
    Whole death awaits, the memory comes
    I know how the vision failed me

    9. Birth Of Chaos

    Another genocide, a masterplan foresaw the fall
    A resurrection reversed
    There's a brave new world, a soulless sphere that penetrates
    It's the seal to our fate

    Your gods have failed
    Our will be done

    The fiery chains that held but cut the fatal thread at last
    Condemned eternities pass
    Another motor spins, machinery of hate begins
    And still crumbles and grinds

    Black souls that seem unreal
    Cold empty hearts
    The formless hollow shells of man

    Time, times of evil
    The birth of chaos, regain of the earth
    Time, times of evil
    The birth of chaos reborn

    The endless pain begins and torture breeds the suffering
    Another destiny fades
    A second sacrifice, a last revenge of human kind
    Enslave the last one alive

    Strapped to the offering god
    The slaves of the earth
    A blank stare is all that remains
    Witness their birth

    10. The Watcher

    Inside the earth, they scheme for the slaughter
    A part of the masterplan
    Forbidden to be, for no one to see
    Onnocence for pain, they twist in pleasure
    Spawn from a life of gods
    The watcher is all, destruction befall

    The final embrace
    A silent scream
    Eternal debase, deceive or prevail

    We rot to the core, the final ambition
    The hunger begins to grow
    Oblivious one, the fall has begun

    The final embrace
    A silent scream
    The presence evolves, the colony grows

    Fates are falling, names in stone
    Final calling, the watcher of the fall
    Fates are falling, rise or fall
    Final calling, the watcher in us all







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