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 Shadowland - 2003

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Karma: Tack sе mycket fцr intervjun, Nils!

 Nils: Ha ha, ja! No problem!!

Karma: Congrats on playing the Chicago Powerfest, I am looking forward to seeing you guys here. So tell me how did you guys get hooked up with it?

 Nils: Well you know they had Morgana La Fey there last year and also Tad Morose…

Karma: …right…

 Nils: …I think they got hooked on the Swedish thing! [Chuckles] We have never been to the States before, we’re obviously growing, and melodic music is also growing. It was time for us to come over and it’s the perfect way for us to start it, you know. I think it’s actually good for us to start at a festival and not doing shows at clubs and whatnot.

 Karma: Definitely, and welcome (soon enough) as we look forward to seeing you perform!!

 Nils: Tack!

 Karma: This festival is more concentrated/specific in regards to the audience not to mention you have a co-headlining spot!

 Nils: Yeah, it’s a good place for us to start.

 Karma: How’s the scene in Umeе? Is it still growing?

 Nils: It’s always been pretty big actually. I mean we’ve had a lot of big bands come out of Umeе for…I don’t know how long. For a long time we’ve had Meshuggah, we’ve had Refused and whatnot, so it’s always been good. There’s always been a lot of shows up here, locals’ shows you know, and a lot of bands and everything. I can’t say that’s its gotten any bigger it’s just sort of maintained the same level of the year.

 Karma: Would you best describe yourself as a power metal band especially since you've gone through so many phases (power-speed-power) or do you prefer to stay away from tags?

 Nils: It’s more up to the people to decide what we sound like, we just play music that we like and that’s it. I mean I think over the past few years, being called power metal isn’t really flattering, you know. I think we’ve always been a few steps ahead, you know we started out in ’95, back in then I was able to play with the typical power metal with all of the clichйs of swords and dragons and all that crap! [We both laugh] When the power metal thing was at its peak like in ’99 or something like that 2000; we were stuck then we did Afterlife and that was really different. Then a few later all of the other bands started incorporating a lot of the harder sounds into power metal so to say…So I don’t know what to call that I say melodic metal or something.







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